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Oct 27, 2011

A taste of France.... THE VIDEO !

FiNallY here... The video shot during my gig at Path Café is online...

Thanks again for your support.
A huge THANK YOU to all my friends who were there on the 2nd of July (and all the French ones who sent me their good eNergY all the way from France...)

And, an ENORMOUS THANKS to David and the Path Café Team,
And, and,and Connie Cooper for her AMAZING work on piano...

Enjoy (hopefully, as much as I did !!!)

Jun 19, 2011

A taste of France...

Sat. July,2nd 8pm - The Path Café - 131 Christopher St. (West Village) - New York

Guess who's gonna have a gig in her citY ?

It starts with an "N",
it ends with a "Y"...
Maybe NommY, maybe NellY,
Maybe in between...
Come and check it out !

1 Cuz you don't wanna miss the day when NewYorkCity will (finally) become NellYCity...? :)

2 Cuz you don't wanna miss the day when NellY (finally) finds a wonderful pianist to accompany her...? :D

3 Cuz you don't wanna miss the day when You (finally) decide to learn a chorus in French...? :D)

See you there !

See the video A taste of France... first try !

Jan 31, 2011

I want U.

Musicians or singers,
Artists or songwriters,
I want you,
I need you more than ever !

'Cause French accent is "so sexy"
'Cause Red touch is "so funky"
Please come to me,
Come to me & join my army !

To suggest any collaboration or needed vocalist,
Send your details, songs or whatever on your playlist,
And you'll get a better answer than on... craiglist !

Join my army, join NellYcity...
I thank U.