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| Who am I |

Born in Apr. 12th, 1980 - France

°| Musical skills

20 years of practise + 6 years of voice lessons
2 years in a gospel band + 3 years in a rock band
10 years on stage & musical shows
Scenography and scene writer for musical shows
Dance skills : intermediate level in modern jazz
Piano : beginner
Songs writer

°| Training&Experience |°

A-level diploma in Cinema & Arts
Graphic & Web designer certificate
Communication science degree
Webdesigner & head of public relations dpt
International Work placement Coordinator
Graphic designer

°| Skills & Hobbies

[Main qualities]
Hard-working, perfectionist, involved, dedicated
Positive, active, motivated, joyful, easy-going
Creative, open-minded, curious, artistic influenced
Travels : Australia, UK, Canada, Norway, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Poland, Germany...
Sports : volley-ball, squash, jogging, swimming, dance...
Arts : cinema, photographies, paintings...