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| The Project |

| Why am I in NYC ? |
  • To develop my singing, dancing and stage performances,
  • To experience the benefits of North American musical influences,
  • To live an extraordinary new experience, meet new people & discover new opportunities in the music field
  • To live in NYC for a year
| What am I looking for ? |
  • Teachers, coaches, musicians, trainers in arts, academic schools...
  • In private lessons, group or class sessions in Singing, Voice performance & Dancing skills
  • All suggestions & invitations, such as rehearals and new projects are welcome
How U can help ? |

Please send your details to mentioning :
  • Your information : type of lessons, levels, selection*, membership & registration conditions...
  • Your timetable & frequency
  • Your rates
  • Your personal details : e-mail, website, contact...
Please, feel free to send any relevant information about your activities...